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      Intelligent Patrol Management System

      GPS Intelligent Patrol System uses GPS/BD, GIS geographic information system, 4G/5G network communication and other technologies to realize real-time record and report of large-scale patrol work, and to meet the needs of hidden dangers, visual collection of failure site, report and tracking processing. GIS resource management system makes the distribution structure of devices no longer limited to drawings, but into digital management. The system also adds emergency dispatch solutions for emergencies, effectively enhances the security of patrol personnel, provides a scientific, informative and gridded management platform for enterprise production safety work and equipment hidden dangers, failures, maintenance and dispatch management.

      application area:

      _Line patrol inspection: power line patrol inspection, railway line patrol inspection, communication optical cable patrol inspection and other long-distance transmission lines.

      _Pipeline inspection: Heating network, oil pipeline, natural gas pipeline, water supply pipeline, underground pipeline corridor and other long-distance pipelines.

      _City security patrol: related enterprises of city security protection such as public security trunk police patrol, city supervisory patrol, road administration patrol, environmental sanitation patrol, municipal patrol, etc.

      _Forestry patrol: Mines, forest areas, nature reserves, scenic areas and other series of mountainous areas.

      _Equipment patrol inspection: Chemicals, cement factories, refineries, power plants, substations, coking factories and other kinds of factory operation patrol inspection.


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